Available Daily: 6 PM - 10 PM

Reservation Fee: $299

Music Courtesy of Zane Christopher


What is it?

This summer, this curated experience will be taking place right in your very own backyard. Whether it's the dinner that is served, the music that is played, or the beverages that are poured, you will not want to miss out on this new offering. Browse our offerings below and prepare to get your Soirée on this summer!

1. Dinner Bites

Once you have confirmed your reservation, our Soirée specialist will reach out to you in the days leading up to your event to customize all of your dinner arrangements. We hope you're hungry!


2. Our Musicians

Choose from a variety of local musicians at our disposal to perform at your very own Soirée.


Additional fees will apply if you include a musician*

3. Beverages Offered 

Choose from an A La Carte menu or a variety of island themed cocktail kits. Hope you're thirsty!


4. Artisan Cheeseboards

Start your evening with a delightful array of artisan cheese & accoutrement from Current Vintage. Choose your size and we'll do the rest.